And so it begins…

Patch & Co. Frames Launch Instagram Post

The launch of Patch & Co.

The idea for Patch & Co. Frames was born in January 2018 and it quickly built momentum, admittedly with a few bumps and diversions along the way!  Who knew it could be so hard to decide on a name for our new venture?

That was one of the hardest/slowest decisions we had to me, but we hope we cracked it with Patch & Co.?  Patrick Ireland, AKA Patch, and Abbie, his daughter, and the rest of the team at Patrick Ireland Frames, making up the Co.  Throw in the names of our family members as the different ranges and we’re off!  After all, this is a family venture.

Once the hard decisions were made, we needed a launch date, not only to give us a deadline to work to, but also because we had a product we loved and that looked great, so why delay?  1st October it was.  That’s when the days really started counting and the nerves building.  We’d also booked to have a stall at the Mayfield School Michaelmas Fair on the 10th October.  The race was on to get the website finished and a prepare a stock of photo frames and mirrors to take to the fair.

The weeks leading up to the 1st and the 10th October were incredibly busy, but equally we were very excited.  We had created some unique and beautiful products, so what was there to be nervous about?

And so we launched!

The website didn’t crash (which was a huge relief considering we built it ourselves) and we even made a few sales in the first week.  That’s a pretty good start!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone (family and non) who have been kind enough to sit through the start of this journey with us.  You’ve helped us more than you can imagine and your feedback and guidance has been invaluable.  Let’s hope Patch & Co. takes off and we can do it justice!